Juan Lam is a storyteller and creative technologist born in Miami, Florida. He works across various mediums to forge experiences of wonder and moments of magic. His interests include virtual experiences, interactive media, novels and stories, and above all: swords, robots, and lasers.

As a student, Juan studies creative writing and mixed reality technologies to create interactive experiences. As a storyteller, he writes fun, hopeful, and exciting stories through every medium he can. As a human, he procrastinates very much on doing all of the above.

This Site

This website is my little spot on the Internet. It's a repository of my thoughts, my stories, and the things that I find wonderful. The primary purpose of this site, besides serving as a resume, a project log, and a blog, is to house my stories. My philosophy concerning sharing my work is simple: I do it for free. The reason for that is partly selfish. I realized that my writing was harmed by the pressure to be a "good writer", where good really just meant "good enough to get published." By sharing my stories for free, I am myself freed from that pressure, and I get to do the thing I love most: create without bounds or limitations. Internal or otherwise. As such, your support would mean a lot to me, and I hope you consider donating.

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Wonder Box

You might be wondering what this is... The wonderbox is my personal treasure chest of influential stories, games, movies, ideas, books, videos, etc... enter if you dare to find something awesome.

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Some books I've recently read

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Artificial Intelligence: An Illustrated History: From Medieval Robots to Neural Networks
Creative Quest
The Farthest Shore
Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity
The Sandman: Overture
The Sandman: Endless Nights