AR Mars Colony

AR Mars Colony

by Juan F. Lam

Aug 9, 2022

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This summer I embarked on a journey! I started my Masters in Digital Arts and Science at the University of Florida, and in my first semester I got some cool things going.

I learned how to 3D model, UV unwrap, and texture using Maya and Substance Painter. Our project of choice was to make a Mars Colony scene, and I was tasked with modeling the Rocket and the HAB.

Here are some pictures of that process:

And if you want to check out the models I made for yourself, you can take a look at my sketchfab.

The final step of the (long) process was also the most satisfying -- putting it all together. I used Spark AR to create a quick test AR scene with my rocket first, and then I put together all the students models into an awesome little Mars AR scene.

Looking forward to the next steps of this Master's program, and making more cool stuff :)


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