Inner Child

Inner Child


screenshot from the game

Inner Child is a GMTK Jam 2023 submission made in Unity during the course of 48 hours.

Official Description

This simple little art-piece is about the roles we play throughout our lives -- adult and child, and the responsibilities that accompany those stages. For the theme of role reversal of the jam, the game has two halves, an adult half and the inner child half. The tasks that you do in the first half affect the rest of the game, which adds a second layer of role reversal. At the beginning, by playing the game, you are also designing it.

A bit more info...

The idea was to make a game where your inputs in the beginning have a tangible effect on your playthrough later on, thus reversing your role of game player into that of game designer at the start.

Example: The checkboxes you tick at the start fall on you later on

I think we kind of succeeded, but we lacked emphasis on gameplay because we scoped out a bit too much, but given more time I'm sure we could have nailed the interactions and gameplay portions

screenshot from the game, depicting the beginning of the boss battle


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