The Sea is a Sky

The Sea is a Sky

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From January 2023 - May 2023 I lead a team of four in the creation of a graduate capstone project titled "The Sea is a Sky": a 10-minute narrative VR experience where you must row through dreams and storms as a young Cuban woman escaping her home and seeking a better future.

At long last I'm able to reveal my final capstone project! I am so proud of our team for all the work we put into this, and I truly believe we've crafted a wonderful little experience with this project.

Here's the trailer, if you want a preview.

Throughtout this project I wrote, directed, and acted as lead programmer on this project in Unreal Engine with two artists and a VFX dev. Plus:

  • Acted as project lead
  • Wrote the narrative and the narration
  • Spent close to 300 hours using Unreal Engine 5 throughout the duration of the project, with no experience prior to this
  • Programmed all VR interactions using Blueprints
  • Made extensive use of level sequences and other cinematic tools in UE5 to put together the entire experience
  • Worked on optimization and thus became proficient with Unreal Engine profiling tools

I have a lot more to say about this project but I'm currently writing a paper on it with my team and trying to get it optimized for publishing on Quest and other standalone VR platforms. So, until then, check out the pretty art on our behance!

See our Behance for more

I'll announce more about it as soon as I am able. And in the meantime, please feel free to reach out personally if you want to learn more.


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