I made this website from scratch over the course of about a month. Currently, this is the third iteration of my personal website, and the one that I'm most proud of. This page is meant to serve as a place where I explain what I used to make this site as well as what I use on a day to day basis for my workflow. Moreover, here is where I get to give credit where it's due to the people who helped me make juanlam.com

Credits & Attributions

Special thanks to...

  • Nikki Kershner for the amazing Juan drawing on the hero card!

  • Icons8 for the wonderful menu icons on my site

  • SVG Backgrounds for my space background

  • Pattern Monster made my classic and dark mode backgrounds!

  • Kyle Shook for the wonderful book animation on my menu button

  • Envato Tutorials for the sticky notes CSS

  • Sia Karamalegos whose guide on adding Webmentions to Eleventy made Webmentions on this site possible!

  • Max Böck whose site served as an inspiration to me, and whose articles were also tremendously helpful

  • Aleksandr Hovhannisyan without whom I could not have had optimized and lazily loaded images on my site!

Site Made With...


  • Images for the poems are made using Pixray, an AI Image Generator that leverages VQGAN + CLIP to create images based on prompts

  • Cover Images for short stories are typically made using Disco Diffusion, which uses a Diffusion model to generate images from prompts. Special thanks to my friend Ethan Smith, who has done great work helping me generate these!