Gnome Place Like Home

Gnome Place Like Home


This year my team decided to take a break from working on our Capstone projects and focus on something new and ephemeral -- a game jam submission!

This was my first game jam, and I have to say it was a lot of fun.

The theme was roots and we settled on doing a game about gnomes. Here's the pitch: There's a gnome planet with roots trying to reach down to the Cosmic Pool (no further questions on why, please), and it is your job to make sure that happens. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Because Gnome Planet is infested with giant purple root-killing weeds. You'll have to pluck them away in order to help the tree make it to the Cosmic Pool, and thus save gnome society.

This is a VR game, but more importantly, it's our first hand-tracking VR game! It was a lot of fun to mess around with Oculus hand tracking and make something that felt fun and satisfying. I mostly focused on putting together everyone's assets and enabling hand tracking.

Go check it out if you have a Quest 2!



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