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This semester in my master's program (Digital Arts and Science at UF), I've been sharpening my VR development skills, and in particular, my familiarity with the Unity game engine. I got quite comfortable with Unity while developing my first ever game (a VR game no less): Thor Bridgekeeper, but this semester has been really fruitful with solidifying those skills.

We spent a few weeks in one of my classes getting really down and dirty with stuff like the Unity time system, events, interactions, and (my favorite) -- the Unity Interaction Toolkit!

And what better way to tie in all those lessons than re-making one of the best VR games ever in Unity? None. There is no better way.

I won't publish the level because I don't want to step on anyone's toes, even for education purposes, but if you want to see my code feel free to send me a message!

In the mean time, you can check out my quick playthrough of a basic level I made in the video above.


  • Time Dilation
  • Enemies with animations and AI (will walk towards player)
  • Shattering effect
  • Weapons change color on hover
  • Guns! (With trails >:D)
  • Grabbable Bullets
  • Bullets ricochet off of other weapons
  • enemy guns fly towards player when they're destroyed

This project was created over the course of approximately 8 hours


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Kishore Kishore

Impressive! This is an awesome, fun way to learn Unity. The students in my ‘intro to Unity’ class would have loved this project sooo much. Thanks for sharing source