This is a test note! I'm using #indieweb principles to POSSE from my website to other services like Mastodon and maybe Twitter :)


A webmention is a way for anyone to interact with my content on any platform they like. Most of mine are on Twitter, but if you prefer to "like", "repost", or "mention" my post on any platform like Tumblr, or Reddit, that works too! Here's what you have to do: you can post a link to this post on your social media of choice, or even your own site, and I'll receive a notification. In a few hours, your post should show up below as a mention. Alternatively, if I post a link to this post on Twitter (as an example) and you like, repost, or reply to that tweet, those interactions will show up here as well! Here's the official Webmention description:

Webmention is a web standard for mentions and conversations across the web, a powerful building block that is used for a growing federated network of comments, likes, reposts, and other rich interactions across the decentralized social web.


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@charlesroper @RadioMinnesota @juanlam @tchambers I've been trying to get it to work for hugo for my site at https://graha.ms but it's been an uphill battle. The best examples i can find are tantek.com and kongaloosh.com.I've got my site to at least show in mastodon search for "@ graha.ms @ graha.ms... source

Juan Lam Juan Lam

@charlesroper @RadioMinnesota @tchambers I ended up using the regular Bridgy implementation to POSSE because my site is static and I don't want to deal with redirecting endpoints haha. Curious what Tim thinks of it source

Charles Roper 🌻 Charles Roper 🌻

@RadioMinnesota @juanlam Hello!Was thinking about this yesterday. @tchambers what is the etiquette around POSSEing content in from other sites? Are many people doing it on Mastodon? I don't see much of it (that I've noticed) so far.https://fed.brid.gy/ looks really interesting. Do you know of anyone... source

Radio Minnesota Radio Minnesota

@juanlam It Verks! source