Cosmic Conundrum II

Cosmic Conundrum II

by Juan F. Lam

Oct 3, 2018


The Fire of Purpose is the Master of Night,
Both Keeper of Day and Kindle of Passion.
To stifle the Flame is to smother the Light
And bring to an end the Spirit of Action.

No blaze is in sight, I'm a King with no Throne,
No purpose inside, I'm a Hearth with no Home.
Once a Child of Fire, now Son to the Tame,
Self-made slave; I am bound by no chain.

It was mine alone to lose or to keep,
But now the flicker is vanished, left with no claim.
The fault is my own that my quill did so sleep,
And now the quest is my own to earn back my name.

So I mustn't be too weary yet,
For now I must take heart.
My freedom I am bound to get,
But I must seek it first in art.


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