The Rain and Snow

The Rain and Snow

The city is raining, raining,
Like silver draining from the sky.
Not a drop on her skin.
She's got an umbrella, you see
Because she's clever and quick.
Who'd want to get rained on?
Rain just gets you sick.

She'd put down her umbrella
If only it were snow.
But it's just rain.
And rain hurts when it
Splishes, splashes, splatters
Against your skin.

Or worse still when it gets
Inside your clothes -- makes you
Feel bone cold, makes you remember
You're a mortal soul.
Better then, better then, that it be snow.

But there's a thing we oft forget about snow
A thing we don't oft remember of rain,
That snow-cold harbors wither-winds
Whither the way that rain-fall grows green.

There's nothing so confusing as the rhythm of the rain
But we'd live life much more fully
If we learned to dance it all the same.

The city is raining, raining,
Every drop falls on her skin.

The girl is dancing, dancing, having learned to live again.


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